Lemonade Bubbles and Me

Hello all! This is me, Katie France, the lady who thinks you are cosmic, kids are cosmic and so are cute and colourful things and I am the creator of Lemonade Bubbles. 
I thought it would be nice to show you my smiley face and tell you a bit about myself and my inspirations for the cosmic little things I make. I'm a happy 30 something year old from South London and although I'm not French, I did live there for part of my life and I'm a sucker for a squidgy cheese, rose and those turquoise waters. I'm a disco dancing, music loving, sunset watching nanny who gets her kicks from creating colourful, comfy, practical yet gorgeous clothes for all you lovely lot. 


I take inspiration from my day to day rainbow life but my love of vintage, 80s and the 90s are where I get most of my light bulb moments. Lemonade Bubbles was born in London, became a toddler in India and came of age in Bali then did a 360 back to England where all the garments are now lovingly made in East Sussex!
I do love the planet so we use recycled paper bags for postage and all of the garments are made in small batched to minimize wastage.
Share the happiness my cosmic creations bring.
Bubbles and more
Katie xx