Lemonade Bubbles and Me

Hello all! This is me, Katie France, the lady who thinks you are cosmic, kids are cosmic and so are cute and colourful things and I am the creator of Lemonade Bubbles. 

I thought it would be nice to show you my smiley face and tell you a bit about myself and my inspirations for the cosmic little things I make. I'm a happy 30 something year old from South London and although I'm not French, I did live there for part of my life and I'm a sucker for a squidgy cheese, rose and those turquoise waters. I'm a disco dancing, music loving, sunset watching nanny who gets her kicks from creating colourful, fun filled tutus for all the rainbow loving kids and parents out there.



I take inspiration from my day to day rainbow life but my travels are what really get the creative springs in me popping. Bali is where Lemonade Bubbles is magically put together with love and care by a small team of fancy dress making wizards. Lemonade Bubbles was born in London, became a toddler in India and came of age in Bali. Such a special place, the colours, smiles and jungles make designing and creating an absolute dream. 

I do love the planet so we use cardboard boxes for postage(please recycle these) and my skirts are made with a lot of room for growth that we can help reduce wastage and allow my colourful creations to be worn over and over. Honest they last and still look as colourful as the day they were born so please pass them down to little sisters, brothers and friends. Share the happiness my cosmic creations bring.

Bubbles and more

Katie xx

Bubbles and More....

Katie x

Here are some of the synonyms for the word cosmic. Know that you are cosmic and tell others they are tooooo.......

Immense, Mega, Mighty, Tremendous, Herculean, Heroic, Super......