Lemonade Bubbles and Me

My Name is Katie France and I'm a disco dancing, cocktail drinking, sunset loving girl who gets her kicks from making colourful clothes.
Although my name is France in not French, I'm actually from Beckenham. I did however live in France for a while and became a right ol lover of squidgy cheese and rose! 
Lemonade Bubbles was born from a love of dungaree but only having one pair I really loved wearing, they were my everyday go to. 
But I'm sure you are the same, whenever I went into a shop or searched online there was never the colour I was looking for. We are all such individuals and I wanted to celebrate that by giving you the choice of buttons and fabrics! Allowing you to get creative! I have designed a small selection of garments for you which are all made to order!
I also make small collections in limited edition fabrics making them special, once they are gone they are gone. There is also the absolute favorites like the black cords which are always around and the option for a complete bespoke pair. 
Making your dungaree dreams come true is exactly what I'm meant to be doing. I want to bring you smiles and a great fit that you just adore. My inspiration comes from my love of the 80s, 90s and the jungle travels and boot fairs I have been to. 
 Everything you order is made to order just for you by a small team of seamstresses in London, Sussex and Barnsley. And all designed by me Katie France in Beckenham, Kent. 
All my seamstresses have named their price and all happily work from home making your wonders. I use a mix of limited edition and wholesale fabrics to keep it fresh, meaning you get something not alot of other people will ever have. 
Once your items are with me, I sew your buttons on and check they are perfect, wrap them up in eco and recyclable packaging and off to the post office I go. 
We love the planet so much here so try and help keep it beautiful for as long as possible.
Katie x